Be the first to know of upcoming retail developments nationwide.

No crystal ball required.
Now retail real estate and commercial construction industry pros can track early-stage planned retail developments across the country.

Built by retail real estate pros FOR retail real estate pros.

"BuildCentral data is a critical resource for us when it comes to evaluating new markets, new locations and the potential impact of competitive activity on existing stores. We’ve found the data easy to use and accurate while saving us a tremendous amount of time not having to research all of this ourselves. We couldn’t imagine life without this great resource at our fingertips." -Peter Becker Executive Leader Real Estate Research, Whole Foods Market.
“We have been using BuildCentral data for several years now and have been delighted with the product. Their platform not only gives insight into an invaluable new pipeline, it also provides detailed information on existing product as well. What’s more, they have a very responsive dedicated team to offer customer support.” MICHAEL PULINE Vice President – National Accounts SHOPCORE PROPERTIES

Our customers have it a little easier...

Without Planned Retail
  • Scraped, outdated data

  • No stakeholder contact details

  • Confusing interface

  • Inconsistent customer service

  • Monthly data audits for accuracy and completeness

  • Human-verified email/phone provided project stakeholders

  • Intuitive interface with geoanalytics.

  • Updated projects on demand and 85% renewal rate

Free Onboarding. Free Training.