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With Planned Retail™ you can locate all of the planned retail developments in your market as well as the stakeholders responsible for building and designing each facility. Facility Types include: Convenience and Gas, Entertainment, Industrial Equipment, Grocery, Child Care, Banks, Storage, Hardware/Home Improvement, Auto Service, Pharmacies, QSR/FSR Restaurants and General Retail. Get in contact with a data pro today to learn how Planned Retail™ helps you evaluate markets, and better understand competitive construction nationwide.
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Without Planned Retail
  • Scraped, outdated data

  • No stakeholder contact details

  • Confusing interface

  • Inconsistent customer service

With Planned Retail
  • Monthly data audits for accuracy and completeness

  • Human-verified email/phone provided project stakeholders

  • Intuitive interface with geoanalytics

  • Updated projects on demand and 85% renewal rate

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