What’s the Deal with Cannabis-Friendly Hotels?

It doesn’t take a genius to see that the legal adult-use cannabis industry in the United States is smoking hot.

Medical marijuana use is legal in 37 states, and 18 states, including Washington, D.C., have legalized recreational consumption. What’s more is that on April 1, 2022, the U.S. House of Representatives passed a bill that, if successful in the Senate, would federally decriminalize marijuana. While most are familiar with cannabis dispensaries, or commercial locations where medical and adult users typically purchase cannabis in a variety of forms, the notion of cannabis-friendly hotels is rather foreign.

We’ll get into the cannabis-friendly hotel phenomenon in a moment. First, though, let’s take a look at some standout stats for cannabis construction.

At the moment, PlannedRetail from BuildCentral is tracking nearly a million square feet in planned and ongoing cannabis dispensary construction projects. As more states legalize recreational cannabis consumption, you can expect the industry to grow. In fact, the cannabis industry is expected to do $33.6 billion in sales by 2025.

Top Locales for Cannabis Dispensary Construction

With regard to geography, the leading regions for cannabis facility construction are the ones you’d expect. California, which legalized recreational weed in 2016, accounts for more than half of the planned & ongoing projects tracked by PlannedRetail. New Jersey, which recently legalized recreational weed, is set to begin sales at dispensaries on 4.21.22, the day after noted cannabis holiday 4/20.

What are the top cities for recreational cannabis dispensary construction?

As of 4.20.22, the cities with the most planned & ongoing recreational cannabis projects are as follows, per BuildCentral:

  • Oxnard, California
  • Santa Rosa, California
  • Adelanto, California
  • Gaylord, Michigan
  • Grand Rapids, Michigan

Obviously, the top locales for cannabis dispensary construction are concentrated in states where recreational use has been legal for some time. Nevertheless, it should be noted that Adelanto in particular has multiple large-scale, industrial cannabis growth centers currently in planning. While BuildCentral doesn’t yet offer a Cannabis-specific search filter in its products, users can find relevant projects by entering “cannabis,” “dispensary” or other related terms in the Keywords section.

What’s the Deal with Cannabis-Friendly Hotels?

Finally, we’re onto the premise of this post. Let’s start with the obvious question:

What is a cannabis-friendly hotel?

Cannabis-friendly hotels specifically tout their resources and amenities for recreational, adult-use cannabis consumption. Often, those amenities include common lounge areas, or simply rooms wherein cannabis use is permitted.

Some hotels are merely moving to offer room stays where recreational marijuana consumption is allowed. Others like Bud and Breakfast and The 420 Hotels, however, are building entire brands around the idea of staying in a hotel where guests can have some recreational fun. The next question you might have is, well, where are these cannabis-friendly hotels?

Because they’re still a relatively new concept, cannabis-friendly hotels aren’t a niche with solid data about their geographic distribution. Many hotels might change policies regarding recreational marijuana consumption without actually doing any renovations. Even so, we couldn’t leave you without sharing a couple of cannabis-friendly hotel projects in planning. Take a look below at two standout cannabis-friendly hotel renovations in planning.

Artisan Boutique Hotel

Project Type/Size: Hotels (64 rooms)
Construction Type: Renovation
Estimated Value: $3 million
Sector: Private
Location: Las VegasNV 89101. 1501 W Sahara Ave
Details: Plans call for renovations to the 64-room Artisan Boutique Hotel to convert some guestrooms into cannabis-friendly rooms.
Stage: Groundbreaking
Construction Start: Q2/2022
Construction End: 9/2022

Patterson Inn

Project Type/Size: Hotels (9 rooms)
Construction Type: Renovation
Estimated Value: < $1 million
Sector: Private
Location: DenverCO 80203. 420 E 11th Ave
Details: Plans call for the renovation for the carriage house at the nine-room Patterson Inn into a 420 Hotels cannabis consumption lounge.
Stage: Starts in 4-12 months
Construction Start: Q3/2022
Construction End: Q4/2022

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