How FF&E Firms Can Generate More Child Care Center Leads

Here, we walk through the ways PlannedRetail from BuildCentral can generate more child care center leads for FF&E firms.

Child care centers have very specific needs — after all, they’re doing the important work of caring for our children when we are called elsewhere. Because child care and daycare facilities have quite predictable outfitting requirements, it makes sense that we’d try to connect our readers, many of whom head or work for FF&E firms, with those planned and already-standing child care centers who might need their services.

Of course, that introduction might leave you with some questions depending on who you are, like, “What does FF&E mean?” or “What equipment is needed for child care centers?” We’ve got a couple quick answers to get you started:

What does FF&E mean?

FF&E stands for furniture, fixtures, and equipment. So, everything from seating, desks, tables, and light fixtures to storage equipment, water fountains, and trash & recycling receptacles, as well as any other pieces that aren’t actually part of a building’s structure.

What equipment is needed for child care centers?

This list is non-exhaustive, but most child care centers should have the following:

  • Bookshelves
  • Cold storage
  • Cribs
  • Desks
  • Mattresses
  • Feeding chairs
  • Playground equipment
  • Shelving
  • Storage units
  • Strollers
  • Tables

Using search filters in PlannedRetail like construction type, construction stage, location, project value, square footage, or even retail chain, users can identify the child care center projects that seem like a fit for their company’s services. Then, because PlannedRetail offers contact information for the parties associated with its tracked projects, like owners, developers, and architects, we give you all the tools you need to capitalize on your next child care center leads.

Now, we can’t just dish every child care center construction project we’re tracking, but we can show you that we’re tracking them, and we’re telling you exactly the materials and supplies virtually every single child care facility needs to operate. That said, you can continue reading to get a look at some notable child care center project reports from BuildCentral’s PlannedRetail, which tracks planned and ongoing child care construction, among many other retail categories like grocery stores, convenience & gas, and restaurants. Below, though, is a brief overview of national planned child care center construction:

Above is our rundown on top chains, hot markets, and key players in planned child care center construction across the country.

Additionally, our list is fairly basic. Needs for child care and daycare facilities often differ because of varying locations, scales, and community demographics. Some might have extensive technology needs, like desktops, printers, or screens. Others might need proper equipment for an outdoor area, like playground equipment or picnic tables. That part, however, is where you and your company come in, but we can help show you whose needs meet your offerings.

Notable Planned Child Care Center Projects

The projects below are listed in order according to their last-updated date, and each project was added or updated in PlannedRetail within the last week, as of 3.25.22. We include projects across a range of constructions stages and types, as well as project values and locations.

The Learning Experience — Houston, Texas

Construction Type: New Footprint/Building Type: Free Standing
Retail Category: Child Care Chain: The Learning Experience
Estimated Value: $1.6 million
Parking Spaces: 0 Company Retail Chain: The Learning Experience
Location: HoustonTX 77055. 1621 Bingle Road
Details: Plans call for a construction of a 10,780-square-foot, one-story Learning Experience daycare.
Stage: Construction
Construction Start: Q2/2021
Construction End: Q4/2022

Dutch Bros. Coffee & Kiddie Academy

Construction Type: New Footprint/Building Type: Free Standing
Retail Category: Child Care, Restaurant Chain: Dutch Bros Coffee, Kiddie Academy
Estimated Value: $1-$5 million
Parking Spaces: 0 Company Retail Chain: Dutch Bros Coffee, Kiddie Academy
Location: ConcordCA 94521. 4672 Clayton Road
Details: Plans call for a construction of an 850-square-foot Dutch Bros. Coffee with drive through and an 8,006-square-foot Kiddie Academy Building.
Stage: Planning (Active)

Shawnee Mission Early Childhood Center

Construction Type: Renovation Footprint/Building Type: Free Standing
Retail Category: Child Care Chain: Independent (Non-Chain)
Estimated Value: $1-$5 million Shopping Center Name: Shawnee Mission Early Childhood Education Center
Parking Spaces: 0
Location: Overland ParkKS 66204. 6701 W 83rd St
Details: Plans call for remodel of an existing space into an early childhood center.
Stage: Starts in 1-3 months
Construction Start: Q2/2022
Construction End: Q3/2022

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