ICSC Touts Planned Retail by BuildCentral In Conversation with David Beitz

ICSC, or Innovating Commerce Serving Communities, is a member organization for Marketplaces industry advancement elevating “the marketplaces and spaces where people shop, dine, work, play and gather.”

In a recent conversation as part of the organization’s News & Views series on Commerce + Communities, David Beitz spoke with ICSC about the recent launch of the new Planned Retail product by BuildCentral, which should be notable to you once you read the title of the news article: “Want To Know Which Stores Are Coming Where? There’s Now A Database For That.”

Planned Retail tracks and provides insights and location analytics for proposed, planned, ongoing, and already-completed retail construction across the United States.

Beitz, BuildCentral’s Chief Evangelist and head of Planned Retail, walks through how Planned Retail works, the extent of its project, company, and contact coverage, and everything from Who It’s For and use cases to pricing, data sourcing, and accessibility.

To check out the full report on the insights, analytics, and potential impact of Planned Retail, check out the ICSC piece at this link. Alternatively, you may copy and paste this URL into your browser: https://www.icsc.com/news-and-views/icsc-exchange/want-to-know-which-stores-are-coming-where-theres-now-a-database-for-that

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Our Planned Retail product is newly-released and ready for action! Feel free to book a demo, and see how Planned Retail could work for you.

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